Flying fishing

fishing in the styrian Canada

This beautiful fly-fishing-stretch is around 8 km long and approximately 40 till 60 metres long. Scenic very attractive in the middle of the Naturpark Eisenwurzen you can live your passion for this sport, away from any civilisation or traffic noise. The range of fish goes from the Grayling over the Brook-trout or Rainbow-trout to the Danube salmon also called as Huchen. Further description for this and our new territory "wolf-water" follow the links below.

Fishing in the “styrian Canada”

Mostly wild-grown fish will give you amazing drills on that fishing route. We are very proud of our Grayling stock, as this type is now the main one and reaches lengths till around 60 cm. But also the trouts have massive sizes.

Due to the very various places and different types of water depths we assure everyone interested in this sport an unforgettable adventure, equally if beginner or expert.

The Huchen finds himself plenty to eat in this river and can be catchedperfectly with the fly. The biggest one catched over the last few years weighs around 12 kg!

The area lies between Altenmarkt a. d. Enns and Großreifling in Styria.

The river can be reached within two hours from Vienna and within one from Linz for example.

Annual pass (1st January till 31st December) € 590,-

Day ticket (16th March till 31st December) € 70,-

3-days ticket (16th March till 31st December) € 180,-

Territory Enns:

Territory Enns Wolfswasser:


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